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Stage lights on. Strobes engaged. The SETI Systems mission is getting unveiled as the background darkness disappears in the laser mist.

Once a garage-based repair service for vicinity, it was not part of the program for search of egg-headed aliens in the outer space. Had we possessed powerful spare computers, we would undeniably have joined the quest party for searching our pals from remote planets.

Yet at the time we used to be very down-to-earth fellows with quench for techno harmony, and were spending weekends buried in piles of pre-iphonic era devices like radios, transmitters, calculators, blenders, tape players, TV sets, alarm clocks, Radio Shack computers, FM stereos, dryers and other kitchen appliances. The queuing customers never failed to impress us with their number, even in rainy days they hurried to garage, hiding a something-in-need-of-repair under umbrellas.

With micro-electronics crashing the records of lightning-fast development, we were forced to cease serving the troublesome home appliances, and had to choose a more focused approach. A Saturday evening that fell on July 5, 1986, changed our lives, our perception, our business model, our attitude. We moved on to sound equipment and never looked back. Possibly charmed by Riley Colston, ex-vocalist of ‘Corpse Grinders’. Well, things were certainly happening in Australian music during the 80s. A lot of interesting (and not so interesting) stuff grew out that decade. Some of it went somewhere. Some of it went nowhere.

At some point we were approached by other bands to help them set out the stage, tune-in equipment, check the sound and other routine tasks. It was going that way unnoticed until some day we discovered we had acquired heaps of experience with acoustics stuff. And that is how SETI Systems was born. We did not notice it. We used to be normal-ish garage-type enthusiasts, and suddenly ‘boom!’, the skills were ours. We fell in love with the world of music, namely the back-stage part where no casual visitors are admitted. Pre-mic amplifiers, exciters, equalizers, yards of cables, plethora of connectors, mixers, monitors, effects processors – these are things we love and repair.

SETI Systems has been serving the audio production, recording and broadcasting industry for years. With a rock-solid reputation built in Australia, the proven to be effective business model naturally grows beyond the borders of the kangaroo continent. Since 2015, a new milestone sets the SETI Systems commitment to customer-oriented service apart from the competition. We listen breathlessly to the sounds produced by the thinnest strings of the Earth’s soul. It craves for action. It calls for SETI. Join us for a ride that is about to begin. Tune for the melody no-one is able to hear yet.

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